HTC Leads Race To Jellybean Updates

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In terms of sales and marketshare, HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer lags behind Samsung by a considerable amount but there is some good news in the offering for it as its new devices, the One X, One S and One XL will receive updates to the Android 4.1, the Jellybean. Exact dates have not been confirmed but the fact that the company will be the first to offer updates is very good news as most of the competitors in the market are yet to officially release Ice Cream Sandwich updates.

HTC has announced only recently about the updates and confirmed plans that the three devices are going to be updated and said that the company will release more news and details about the updates pretty soon. While a lot of high end smartphones are yet to receive updates to the ICS, these new light but large devices are going to be ahead in the game once they have Jellybean running on them. Moreover, even the carrier versions of the three phones will receive the updates.

The One X was launched in America through AT&T and it was the company’s big summer release and appeared to do the company some good after it watched its share fall with each quarter coming. The main issue with the phone was its delay in customs and along with legal issues with Apple over patents, the One X has had its share of trouble. However, immediately upon its release in the market, the phone was overshadowed by the Samsung Galaxy SIII which has been launched in the US over 5 carriers.  You can purchase the HTC One X starting at $129.

Though Jellybean is only a decimal up from ICS numerically, it has a whole host of features that make it quite superior. Google has made use of “triple buffering in graphics pipeline” which allows the OS to predict the movement of the user’s finger and allow for a smoother experience. In addition, Google has redesigned the widgets thus allowing the user more freedom to customize the home screen. On the inside too, Jellybean appears to be more secure as it uses technology to effectively block malware from running on the phone.

Though HTC may be the first to get the Jellybean updates, Samsung will not be far behind and the company is very confident about that. It has made a statement recently stating its proficiency in Android devices and assured customers of Jellybean updates very soon.

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