Google Nexus 10 spotted in leaked images

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nexus10leakedphotosGoogle is going to be revealing a couple of new products in the month of October and besides the highly anticipated Nexus 5, many are expecting to see Google showcase the second generation Nexus 10 tablet.  An image was posted via Twitter this week that reportedly shows promotional material for the new Nexus 10 tablet and the most revealing part indicates that ASUS will be the company making it.  The first time around, the Google Nexus 10 was made by Samsung and rumors from earlier this year suggested that ASUS might be the one making the Nexus 10.  That has finally been confirmed.

The new tablet is going to have a 10-inch display, much like the first one, but with a higher resolution.  In the image you can clearly see the words “Wi-Fi tablet”, which is not going to help confirm the rumor that LTE support is coming this time around.  The Nexus 7 LTE model was recently released, so if there is going to be a 10-inch option like that, it might come weeks after.  The Google Nexus 7 gained a lot more attention than the 10-inch model ever did and it might have been in part because it only offered dual-core processing, compared to the new quad-core CPU in the 7-inch model.

The original Nexus 10 was priced $100 less than the iPad, but when it launched, most of the consumers that wanted a 10-inch model, already had the iPad, leaving the Nexus 10 behind.  The next generation Nexus 10 will be launching with the new Android 4.4 KitKat software pre-installed, as should the Nexus 5.  The launch date has been penciled in for the 14th of October, but Google has not commented on that date up to this point.

Because ASUS is taking the development from Samsung this time around, there are no details as to what hardware is going to be used, but it is not likely going to be equipped with an Exynos chip from Samsung.  One thing is for sure, is if ASUS can develop a 10-inch tablet with a quad-core processor, a higher resolution display and the latest Android operating system.  Over the next couple weeks more information will be revealed and then consumers will know if the iPad 5 has a worthy competitor.

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