Firmware update lands on the Verizon HTC Windows Phone 8X

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If you happen to have Verizon for your wireless provider and have the HTC Windows Phone 8X for your mobile device of choice, you know you have a very capable handset in the palm of your hands. After all, the handset is just one of the two available high-end devices in the Windows Phone platform, the other one being the Nokia Lumia 920. Similar to the Nokia handset, the HTC Windows Phone 8X is also the flagship device of its manufacturer and this status meant that the handset is at the top of the Windows Phone food chain.

In addition to that, being a flagship handset means that the HTC Windows Phone 8X has the best of the best components under its hood to ensure that it can deliver a stunning performance anytime, anywhere. Not only that, the chassis of the handset is just as gorgeous and visually-enticing that could not belie the premium materials used in its construction. With this handset, Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC secured its spot as one of the best OEMs for the Windows Phone ecosystem.

However, these are not the only good things going on for the Verizon version of HTC Windows Phone 8X. As it stands, the variant of the handset released by Big Red in US shores has just gotten an update that is designed to bring bug fixes and improve the performance of the handset. This update once applied to the handset will crank up the firmware revision number of the HTC Windows Phone 8X to 1532.20.20105.401 and brings the following bug fixes to the handset:

  • Fixes the “SIM CARD NOT DETECTED” error
  • Fixes an issue with Skype calls not having audio
  • A battery-drain bug that can occur when a user enables Internet Sharing and then turns it off

With these enhancements, the HTC Windows Phone 8X will certainly become a more capable device than it already is so it is highly advisable that you have this update downloaded and applied onto your device as soon as it becomes available for you.

For those who want to know more about the handset, the HTC Windows Phone 8X reached official status when it was unveiled back in November last year. It promptly made its debut on the shelves of Verizon in the same month and since then has become one of the more popular offerings of the wireless provider.

Under the hood, the operation of the HTC Windows Phone 8X is powered by its QualComm MMS8960 SnapDragon chipset. This SoC brings into play a dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait processor working together with a full gigabyte of RAM in delivering the required computing power of the handset. The HTC Windows Phone 8X has 16GB of internal storage but this is all you get because the handset doesn’t pack support for memory expansion. In terms of its display, the handset sports a 4.3-inch Super LCD2 panel with a 1280 x 720 resolution while its dual-shooter configuration features a main 8MP shooter at its rear panel and a secondary 2.1MP snapper at its front bezel.

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6 Responses

  1. Updated this weekend but my firmware is 1532.20.20102.605. Interesting…

  2. I updated just now Anne and mine is the same as yours.

  3. Anyone having issues with this update? I am stuck at the initializing screen that displays the Cogs.

  4. When are you going to make downloads so we can watch TV and certain utube video and use Hulu plus didn’t realize this phone was not a good as an android or apple phone. You should put this in the description of the phone. I didn’t have any problems with the download

  5. I’m having the same problem as Ryan. It said the update was going to take 5-10 minutes. It has had a picture of the gears for the whole day.

  6. Love this phone. Update was really fast to install, too.

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