Dream Interpretation Delivered To Your Kindle eReader, PC, or Mobile Device

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Are our dreams really God’s way of giving us guidance in our lives? That is what Dr. Carson Michael investigates in his second Kindle e-Book, the Christian Handbook on Dream Interpretation. With a PhD in Counseling Psychology, Dr. Michael has spent more than 20 years helping people understand why they act in the ways that they do. And in his newest e-Book, he shows that much as he helps guide clients to a better understanding of themselves, God is reaching out to you in your dreams.

In Demonology: Possession, Exorcism, and the Kingdom of Darkness, his first e-Book for the Kindle eReader, Dr. Michael explores demonology in all its forms, and comes to the startling realization that demons are unfortunately alive and well in our world. He then shows methods you can take to identify and erase demons from your life, and his Christian Handbook on Dream Interpretation follows the same recipe for positive, monumental change and spiritual peace in your life.

Interested in dreams his entire life, as a young graduate student Dr. Michael began studying the meaning of dreams. One night, after becoming frustrated by the many non-Christian based books which all seemed to have a different answer, and tired from long hours of study, he went to bed. Unsure of his spiritual health at the time, and still wrestling with unanswered questions about dreams, that night he experienced a life-altering dream where Jesus spoke to him. Profusely sweating a flowing river in his dream, when Jesus had finished his guidance, the young Dr. Michael awoke in his bed, covered in sweat.

You can purchase the Christian Handbook of Dream Interpretation for only $4.99.

He felt much lighter, and was compelled to check his weight. Startled to find he had lost 20 pounds as he slept, he realized for the first time that God had given him a sign that he can indeed work miracles through our dreams. Dr. Michael believes that God speaks to us constantly in our dreams, and that if we know how to listen, the important guidance He gives us can deliver us to the fullest realization of our spiritual potential. Dreams are important, dreams deliver real messages, and we can have a very intimate relationship with Christ, and live our lives much more stress-free, full of love and light as a result. But how do we interpret these messages?

In the Christian Handbook on Dream Interpretation, Dr. Michael first explains just what dreams are, and then helps us understand how to interpret them. He then goes on to help us individually “decode” these spiritual messages for each of us. And if you have ever wondered why certain animals, colors or themes are recurring in your dreams, you have to read chapters 5 and 6, which explain from a Christian perspective how these visual messages are meant to guide you. I found the book enthralling, and since it is available for immediate download onto your Kindle eReade, your PCr or Kindle mobile app, I was able to begin my education about the Christian meaning to my dreams right away. I recommend this book to any Christian who struggles with spiritual questions and wants to unlock God’s messages, which are often delivered unerringly in your dreams. And to quote Dr. Carson Michael, “I hope this book helps you, and I hope your dreams change your life.”  Buy the Christian Handbook on Dream Interpretation for only $4.99.  It is also a part of the borrow program at Amazon and can be borrowed at no charge for those enrolled.

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