Cool mobile apps for your new Amazon Kindle Fire

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The Amazon Kindle Fire might have been the hottest gift to give and get this holiday season and now you can get some pretty cool apps for it too.  There are plenty of reviews on the Web and many of them compare the Kindle Fire to the iPad.  The Kindle Fire was sold at very affordable prices and comes with a bunch of features built right in by Amazon.  As far as mobile apps go, you might not even realize the types that are available.  This is a few that have become popular in the past month or more.

The first mobile app is free to download and allows users to read non-Amazon books.  The app is called IndieBound Reader and it allows you to search for bookstore by zip code, store name or search the bookstore that made the app, Green Apple of San Francisco.  Indie booksellers can be found much easier or you can just sit back with any Amazon or Google book that you can find.  You can find complete install instructions online.

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Do you sit around with the police scanner on as entertainment?  Many people do and the Scanner Radio mobile app gives you access to over 3,000 police and fire scanner channels, weather radio stations and radio repeaters around the world.  The mobile app is free of charge and could be quite handy in case of an emergency.

Gamers will like the Backstab HD mobile app, which you can get for less than $1, dropped from $6.99.  The action game has Parkour-style movement, guns and swords and horses for riding.  Easily the best game for the Kindle Fire and really puts your anti-hero in check with some “do-or-die” adventures.

If you are an information hound, the BuzzFeed app is a great one to have on your Kindle Fire.  The free app is a perfect aggregator and will give you the heads up on just about anything before it pops up on mainstream web sites.  The BuzzFeed app will give you plenty of entertainment if you want to waste a couple hours while you sip your coffee.

If you are really into not getting much done, you should take a look at downloading the Tweetcaster app for the Kindle Fire.  The app is free and gives you a super streamlined interface and is a top pick by many for tweeting on Android.

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