BlackBerry Z10 Steals Substantial Customers From Google Android, Apple iOS

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bbz10bThe BlackBerry Z10 has been a successful launch for the troubled company formerly known as RIM. The Canadian smartphone manufacturer used to totally dominate the smartphone marketplace, but that was way back before the Apple iPhone launched in 2007. A little later Android smartphones started to come into their own, and RIM stubbornly stuck to their physical QWERTY keyboard design and form factor. The iconic and heavy smartphone quickly fell out of favor as slim and light designs with large high resolution screens became popular.

The BlackBerry Z10 is available for a reduced sale price now starting at .

On January 30 of this year, the company now named BlackBerry announced the arrival of the BlackBerry Z10 4G smartphone with LTE capability, as well as the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. This is easily the fastest and most advanced BlackBerry smartphone ever created, and it arrives minus the physical QWERTY keyboard that BlackBerries have been known for. The handset is entirely touchscreen driven, and arrived in March of this year in the United States.

Analysts were presently surprised by the handset’s achievement of 1 million sales well before they had predicted, and the BlackBerry Z10 just recently showed a couple of other signs of global popularity. A recent study released by industry analyst Canaccord Genuity shows that a full 50% of all the BlackBerry Z10 smartphones purchased in Canada recently came from shoppers that had previously owned devices running the Android, IOS and other mobile operating systems.

While BlackBerry still does retain excellent brand support, the number one effort of all smartphone manufacturers is to get customers to leave one of their competitors. In this regard the handset is madly successful in Canada, and that same study showed that in the UK a full one third of all BlackBerry Z10 smartphone buyers came from competitors’ mobile operating systems. While that news certainly makes BlackBerry executives and shareholders happy, it also proves that the new design and form factor, as well as brand-new operating system and feature set, have been well received.

The Z10 offers a large 4.2 inch LCD and True HD+ 768 by 1,280 pixel resolution, with more than 16 million different colors spread across that screen at the rate of 356 pixels every inch. The slim and lightweight 4G LTE smartphone is powered by a speedy 1.5 GHz dual core processor, and the handset offers a full 2.0 GB of RAM system memory. 16 GB of internal storage has been included, as well as a microSD card slot for storage expansion. Although it is a relatively new operating system, BlackBerry 10 already boasts more than 120,000 applications for use on the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone.

The BlackBerry Z10 can be purchased at a discounted price tag now starting at .

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  1. Blackberry is really coming back with these new phones, platform and attitude. As a phone service and as an investment, this should be looked at. Get some Berry in your life.

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