Android powered Nokia handset could be released at Mobile World Congress

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nokia2For more than a few months now, it have been rumored that Android was going to appear on a Nokia smartphone very soon.  After a bunch of leaked information, the Nokia Normandy was rumored and now it looks like another leak is showing the new device could arrive for the public to see at the Mobile World Congress event coming up.  The device is rumored to be running a forked version of the Android operating system, much like Amazon devices, and it could come as the Nokia X.

Nokia looks to be getting away from the Lumia branding at least for this smartphone and that could be because it will be running another operating system altogether.  The device has not been announced by Nokia at this time and it is unclear when it might be.  The odds, however, are very good that it will show up at the Mobile World Congress event coming up in Barcelona, Spain.  Nokia has already sent out press invites for the event, but there is no indication at this point the device will be showcased there.  The first time the Nokia X name showed up was last week.

A user via Twitter sent out a message that the “Project Normandy = Nokia X” and that is the only information worth going on right now.  The Twitter user has been well known for years to be releasing correct information about new smartphones compared to any information that would be considered incorrect.  Nokia made the move from its own Symbian smartphone software years ago to partner exclusively with Microsoft and the Windows Phone software with hopes have getting out of the market share slump the company was in.  Since then smartphones have been selling well with main features like better camera’s and software leading the way.

Now, it looks like any deal with Microsoft could have ended and Nokia wants a piece of the Android market.  Even though it will be powered by Android, the version could look very different from what we are used to seeing on most Android devices that do not come with a custom user interface installed.  Rumors are that the Nokia X will be an entry level device not likely to be competing against any of the higher end device that Nokia has released under the Lumia branding.

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