Nook Touch eReader Drives Profits for Barnes & Noble

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Barnes and Noble’s number one competitor, Amazon, sits high atop the eReading market with the vast majority of market share. In an attempt to knock the Amazon Kindle off of its lofty perch, Barnes & Noble realized they needed to do something different with their NOOK 6 inch eReader. Enter the all new NOOK  touch screen enabled eReader. Called the NOOK Simple Touch, it employs the same E-Ink Pearl technology that Amazon uses to provide such brilliant contrast and the ability to read effortlessly outdoors and in bright light situations, but is touch screen driven as opposed to using physical button input like the Kindles do.

Barnes & Noble recently released their last quarter financial report, and it shows that their first fiscal quarter in 2011 that ended July 30 showed a company wide 2% increase over 2010′s same period, with the major reason being increased sales of their NOOK Color and new NOOK Simple Touch eReaders. Barnes & Noble said that sales on the two eReaders alone were so strong that it helped show them an increase in profits over their entire company.

Another finding in Barnes & Noble’s recent financial results release showed that consistent demand for the NOOK Simple Touch eReader has helped lead to a quadrupling of the sales of digital content over last year during the same time period. With in store physical sales decreasing by 3% to $1 billion, online sales has increased dramatically by 37% to almost $200 million, and digital content and online purchases of the NOOK Simple Touch are the reason. Concerning sales of Barnes and Nobles entire NOOK lineup, which covers accessories, digital content and NOOK eReaders, business and demand is up 140%, for a total of $277 million in the first quarter 2011.

The NOOK Simple Touch eReader runs Google’s Android software, and has been a favorite eReader with Android developers and devoted Android lovers because it is easy to hack and extends the capabilities to tablet-like functioning. But even as an eReader alone, the NOOK Color and Simple Touch offer full Adobe Flash player support, a dedicated app store, and e-mail access.  You can buy the Nook Simple Touch online for only $139.00.

The most recent Nook, the Simple Touch, has been slowly stealing sales from Amazon because it offers the same eReading experience, but presents today’s modern tech consumer with an easy to use touch screen. Barnes & Noble’s optimistic estimates call for $1.8 billion in 2011, up from $880 million in 2010.  Learn more about Barnes and Noble’s all new Nook in our comprehensive Nook Simple Touch eReader Review.

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