More Positive Developments For Blackberry 10 Launch – This Time From Carriers

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blackberry10newCanadian smartphone maker Research in Motion has the entire world pegged to its imminent OS – Blackberry 10 – and the device that runs it. RIM was once the global market leader in smartphones, particularly for corporations and business users. Since then, it has lost almost all its customers to Apple and Samsung as its devices dwindled in innovations, design, functionality and the much need “cool” factor. Blackberry 10, an OS announced almost 3 years ago, is the one move that everyone hopes will trigger change for RIM. It is set to launch at the end of January, and already RIM is seeing a positive response.

On Friday, January 11, America’s top network carriers confirmed that they would feature the new BB 10-powered devices. This show of confidence from Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T is a huge score for RIM, as it means maximum penetration and visibility in the market. The devices will arrive at different stages on the lines of each of the carriers in the spring and over the course of the year. All stakeholders see this development as a harbinger of positive change for RIM, and the company saw a small rise in its stocks following the announcement. No pricing or exact dates about when the devices will hit the stores are available yet.

Blackberry 10, which is starkly different from any previous Blackberry OS houses the Blackberry Hub and Blackberry Flow. These new features allow users to access all messages from email, text and social media in one place, even while they have other applications running. Touch features have been deeply integrated in the UI, such as the ability the put the phone in sleep mode by “pulling down the blinds” by dragging your finger from the top to bottom of the screen. Two new devices are expected, one with Blackberry’s signature keyboard and the other with just the touchscreen.

Market analysts, bloggers and techies have all responded optimistically to BB10. While it may not be a total game changer, since RIM has had years and years of downfall, it will definitely set the wheels rolling for a much-needed makeover. Since a lot of consumers remember Blackberry as their first smartphone, or one of their old favorites, there is a lot of curiosity about this cutting-edge device. Will RIM be able to convert that curiosity into action? That’s the real challenge.

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One Response

  1. Looks like an amazing phone that everyone will need. The is why Apples shares are tanking and they are cutting production. Everyone is waiting for BB10.

    60 Analysts have a buy or strong buy on Apples shares. The share price has almost been cut in half. How could this be? Are people not listening to them anymore? Can you say – corrupt?

    Knowing that, a 15 Bagger stock would be RIMM. They bashed this company so hard that it was trading at one third its book value. Can you say – corrupt?

    RIMM is a minimum 18 month long. Huge revenue increases moving forward.

    ***** 5 star stock.. $225.00

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