Microsoft says that the growth of Windows Phone may exceed the expectations of analysts

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According to a statement released be Microsoft, the Windows Phone mobile platform has the potential to increase its share of the smartphone market up to as much as 20% during the next two or three years through active support from its hardware manufacturers and its own increasing efforts in marketing.

The head of Windows Phone marketing, Achim Berg, has said that the forecasts released by the research firms IDC and Gartner are conservative in expecting the company to have a 20% share of the market by the year 2015. Microsoft, which is the largest software maker in the world, is adamant that Windows Phone had all that it takes to reclaim the market share that the company has lost over the last few years to the likes of Apple’s iPhone and smartphones running on Google’s Android platform.

The new and enhanced Mango versions of the Windows Phone 7 mobile OS, which includes much better social network integration, will be released for the first time in the European continent by Microsoft on two of the phones from HTC which are up for an early October release.

Advertisement campaigns for the Radar and Titan smartphones are set to  begin shortly, and HTC has joined hands with Microsoft to train salesmen worldwide so that they are better equipped to demonstrate these phones, said Berg at an electronics fair. He added that Microsoft has planned to build on the initial success enjoyed by the Windows Phone platform by adding young, first time and female consumers to its user base for winning over market share from its rivals.

Florian Seiche, the president for HTC in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, said in an interview that the company is getting extremely positive feedback. He added that the company now believes that this year provides the right opportunity to accelerate this momentum and to appeal to a large number of customers.

The Titan will offer an 8 megapixel camera along with a wide angle lens and dual LED flash for a starting price of $855, or 599 euros, whereas the Radar will come for a more modest 399 euros. Seiche said that HTC is currently negotiating with operators and retailers for making the handsets available in large parts of Europe. The Windows Phone platform was introduced by Microsoft in February last year after the company jettisoned its earlier Windows Mobile platform

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