Forrester predicts that Amazon will sell around 5 million of its upcoming tablet in the fourth quarter

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According to a statement released by Forrester Research this Monday, Amazon might be able to sell up to 5 million units of its upcoming Android based tablets  during the fourth quarter this year, which will make the leading worldwide online retailer the biggest competitor in the market which is still largely dominated by Apple’s iPad.

Amazon has said that its tablet will be priced significantly below the competition and will be produced in enough volumes to meet consumer market demand. Forrester said that if the company is able to manage all this, it can easily achieve sales of up to 5 million of these tablet units.

Almost 30 million iPads have been sold by Apple since it was launched back in April last year. Many of its rival companies such as Samsung Electronics, Motorola Mobility and Research In Motion tried to launch their own devices for competing with the iPad; however, none of them managed to pose enough of a challenge to ruffle Apple feathers. Hewlett-Packard even had to do away with its TouchPad tablet this month after it couldn’t live up to their expectations.

Sarah Rotman from Forrester stated that Apple has faced a number of iPad competitors so far; however none of them has managed to snatch enough of its market share. She said that Amazon, along with being capable of gaining market share quickly, is also willing to sell its gadget at a loss, as was the case with the Kindle, which makes Amazon a rival to be wary of.

One of the biggest problems which iPad’s competitors have faced is that the application developers for the devices have waited too long before creating a large number of applications for their platforms and devices.

Apple boasts of more than 100,000 applications for the iPad, whereas the Android Honeycomb platform from Google which runs on most of the Android tablets; has just under 300 odd apps, said Forrester. Epps said that if Amazon is able to sell its Android tablets in millions, then developers will start gaining interest in the platform who have till now waited for further developments in the sphere.

The Kindle e-Book reader from Amazon is much smaller and lighter than the iPad; however, the Apple tablet features internet browsing and a large number of applications which enhance the reading and researching experience.

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