Barnes & Noble’s New Nook Simple Touch eReader delivers big and at a great retail price

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Barnes & Noble’s new Nook Simple Touch touchscreen-driven eReader delivers what the technology savvy eReading public has been waiting for. While Amazon was the first to the eReader marketplace with its Amazon Kindle eReading devices over three years ago, and they own far and away the largest percentage of the eReading market, they have been slow recently to offer technical changes to their best-selling eReader lineup. Enter Barnes and Noble, and their new Nook Simple Touch eReader. Totally touchscreen-driven, the Nook Simple Touch offers the same basic user interface and navigation system that the technologically educated public has been using on their smartphones and tablets for some time now.

And offering this unique user interface, while still employing the same E-Ink Pearl technology screen as Amazon, has done wonders for Barnes and Noble. For a short amount of time, the new Nook Simple Touch eReader was actually the best selling eReader in the United States, something that hasn’t happened for any eReading device not named Kindle in a long time. Also, Barnes & Noble recently released their second quarter financial results, and experienced an across-the-board profit over last year’s second quarter thanks primarily to their Nook, Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch eReading devices.

The new Nook Simple Touch eReader is smaller, a full 35% lighter, 15% thinner than Barnes and Noble’s previous eReading device, and is powered by Google’s Android operating system. The Nook Simple Touch offers the same excellent outdoor and bright light eReading experience as Amazon, as it uses the same screen technology to deliver graphics and text. Currently running Android 2.1, over the air upgrades to Android 2.3 have been announced and are just around the corner (no date released). The resolution on the 6.5 inch touchscreen is 800×600 pixels, and the device offers 802.11 Wi-Fi b, g and n wireless connectivity, and can hold 1,000 books with its 2 GB of internal storage. A microSD slot is also available for expansion up to 32 GB. The Nook Simple Touch also delivers a whopping 60 days of battery life on a single charge, currently the best of any eReading device.

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