AT&T Lowers Samsung Galaxy Note 4G to $229

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With rampant rumors running roughshod over the tech Blogosphere concerning a possible Samsung Galaxy Note release for T-Mobile, AT&T has decided to lower the retail of that handset which is currently exclusive to their 4G LTE network to $229  at select AT&T authorized online retailers with a standard two-year activation. Whether you consider the device a large phone or small tablet, and both designations are successfully proven by the Samsung Galaxy Note’s performance and capabilities, the uniqueness of the product is not in question. While delivering the largest high-resolution display of any 4G smartphone, as well as unique smart stylus S Pen handwriting recognition, the phone/tablet analysts are calling a Phablet is definitely a trendsetter.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note starting at $229

Samsung has openly declared that this is a whole new device category, and they predict that larger displays and smart stylus integration are the wave of the future in mobile handset technology. Without a doubt the most demonstrative feature of the Galaxy Note device, and that which both Samsung and AT&T are pushing through their marketing efforts, is the smart stylus S Pen. That stylus offers touch sensitive integration with the capacitive, multitouch display, and the harder you press the S Pen, the thicker the line. The S Pen also offers the ability to write-to-text, write-to-email, and add notes and artwork to recorded video and snapshots.

Just this past week Samsung Mobile USA reconfirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note is on a short list of devices to receive Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system soon, but did not release a specific date for that over the air transfer. Any time a new technology is married to a smartphone, the odds are a virtual crap shoot as to whether it will appeal to the picky yet tech-crazed consumer-electronics shopper. That doesn’t seem to have been a problem with the Samsung Galaxy Note, which has churned out 5 million units in its first 5 months of availability.

The Green-Certified Galaxy Note offers Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Picasa application access out-of-the-box and marries the latest Samsung TouchWiz User Interface Android overlay to the Gingerbread operating system it is packaged with. The expansive 5.3 inch screen offers a pixel density of 285 pixels per inch and overall resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels, and renders visuals in more than 16 million colors to the Super AMOLED touchscreen.

With 10 hours of talk time offered from a single charge, the handset delivers above average battery performance, and Near Frequency Communications (NFC) support is built-in. The Qualcomm MSM8660 Snapdragon microchip package on board includes a dual core 1.5 GHz Scorpion CPU and graphics dedicated Adreno 220 chip, and 1.0 GB of RAM memory joins 16 GB of onboard, user accessible storage in the hardware suite. An 8.0 megapixel camcorder provides video capture at 1080P HD resolution, and the front facing 2.0 megapixel chat cam provides video call support and also portrait snapshot capability.  Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note starting at $229, saving you a cool $70 over AT&T’s starting price.

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6 Responses

  1. i just checked Best Buy…and was told they’re not going to lower thier price anytime soon…what gives?

  2. It was lowered at select online retailers. The links in the story take you to the information we were referring to. Hope this helps. : )

  3. I just chatted with and they deny the story that the price is reduced…they said that ‘’ is not an att website…did you make up this story or did ATT mislead you? -George

  4. George,

    The links in our story take you directly to an AT&T authorized retailer where you will find the Galaxy Note’s starting price at $229. Nowhere in the story do we say that you can get this price at AT&T direct. Hope this helps.

  5. From what I have gathered the AT&T retail price for this phone is still $299; as well as other retailers such as Bestbuy. is the only one offering it for $229 through a special contract deal they have set up to help promote the new Amazonwireless store. It is also Tax free from Amazon, and I understand they are giving $25 for apps from the Amazon App store as well. Also there is no restocking fee on returns to Amazon Wireless should you need to. So, at the moment, you stand to save $100+ (including tax savings) buying from Amazon over a brick and mortar AT&T Store..

    The thing that really sucks for people who are grandfathered into AT&T’s unlimited data plan (Such as myself), is that Amazon makes you choose a data plan (either 3 GB or 5GB) in order to purchase from them. So, you will probably lose your unlimited plan to a tiered plan buying from Amazon.

    I spoke to customer reps from both companies. Amazon told me that there is no work around to keep my current data package. She said that their contract with AT&T dictates that they only offer those plans. The guy I spoke to at AT&T told me that when you purchase online and they change your data plan, It’s almost impossible to get it changed back, so I would most likely be stuck with the tiered plan. This is probably true; as everyone knows AT&T is trying everything they can to do away with the unlimited data plans. A search online returned a handful of anecdotal stories of people who purchased from Amazon and was able to reinstate their unlimited Data and also people who had real problems with it, involving multiple phone calls, waiting hours for returned calls and getting nowhere. One guy said he got stuck in a 300MB data plan! That’s like driving a Ferrari with a 1 gallon gas tank.

    So now I feel stuck, I don’t want to lose my data plan, but I would feel ripped off paying so much more for it from the brick and mortar AT&T store.

  6. Today, 5/6, Wallyworld has it for $199. Hard to figure out if it applies to adding line to existing family plan or just new customers.

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