Amazon Kindle Fire update coming in next couple weeks

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Now that over one million people have had a chance to check out the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon, more complaints are starting to pile up regarding the slow browser, issues with the touch screen and other features.  Many tablet fans were excited to see the Amazon Kindle Fire with a price tag less than $200, but most of them are now questioning what price they paid compared to what they got.  The update for the Amazon Kindle Fire will be coming in the next couple of weeks and will target mainly the user interface.

A couple of updates to the main software have been sent out already and they were suppose to improve the tablets overall performance and cut the root access to the device.  This new update will have a little to do with the overall performance as well, but mostly affect the touch screen interface.  Privacy has also been a topic of discussion for the new tablet and the next update is reportedly going to give users the ability to edit their recent activity to be more private.  If you are the type of person that doesn’t care about updates and would rather have the newest version of the tablet, you can wait a couple months for the Kindle Fire 2 to be released.

Talks about the next generation tablet have surfaced about 2-3 weeks ago and some are saying that the new Kindle Fire will likely be priced a little higher than the original.  Getting tweaks to the display and a high performance processor to go with it, Amazon is not likely going to be able to sell the new version for less than $200.  Since the idea behind the tablet was to get more people subscribed to various Amazon content, the next generation will likely focus on the performance of getting that content to consumers.

The update for the Amazon Kindle Fire should be available before the Christmas holiday according to the company.  The update will be “over-the-air” and will address each of the high priority complaints the company has received about the tablet.  Online forums and social network have been buzzing since before the tablet was released, but now the tone of the buzz has gotten quite negative.  If Amazon can address the issues with an update, many will be happy, if not, others might be forced to buy the Kindle Fire 2.

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